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BergaMet Mega 60 Tablets

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BergaMet Mega

Cholesterol & Metabolic Support

Bergamot was known through traditional use of the fruit in Calabrian regions for decades as having beneficial effect in counteracting the excess fat in patients with artherosclerosis vascular disease (hardening of the arteries). Bergamot differs from other citrus fruits not only because of the composition of it’s antioxidant flavonoids, but because of their particularly high content. These flavonoids possess a structure similar to the pharmaceutical statins and exhibit statin like properties without the side effects.

A double blind placebo clinical trial conducted at the Dept of Cardiology of the University of Rome “ Tor Vergata “ and at the Vascular Medicine and Artherosclerosis Unit Cardiology, Villa Salus Medical Center, Marinella on 238 patients produced the following data:

  • Bergamot could be an effective nutriceutical approach to prevent artherosclerosos in patients.
  • Bergamot contributes to lowering plasma cholesterol and lipids in patients, in a range of potency comparable with currently used hypolipidemic drugs such as statins.
  • Bergamot reduces blood glucose by 15%-23% thus offering an alternative approach to control the pre-diabetic states in patients with metabolic syndrome.
  • Bergamot efficiently lowered Total Cholesterol and LDL (bad cholesterol), without inducing any side effects.

This suggests that Bergamet offers a safe alternative therapeutic strategy in combating hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol) in patients suffering from statins toxicity. Statins unfortunately deplete the production of CoQ10.  Bergamot lowers cholesterol levels without affecting CoQ10 production. As you get older, your body’s CoQ10 poduction slows down and less of it is stored in reserve. CoQ10 is an essential cofactor for energy production in your body and your heart requires especially high levels of it. It is this depletion of CoQ10 that causes muscle fatigue in many people taking statins.


Take 1 Tablet twice daily, 20-30 minutes before the two main meals.

It is extremely important to take BergaMet before meals.


Each tablet contains

Pure juice Bergamot dehydrated

650 mg

Ascorbic acid

50 mg

Warnings & Contraindications

As a precaution do not take BergaMet during pregnancy, or when lactating.

BergaMet is not for the treatment of high cholesterol, but may help to maintain cholesterol levels within the healthy range and improve the HDL/LDL ratio.

Blood cholesterol levels should be regularly checked.

Always read the label and use only as directed.