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Black Chicken Remedies Copper (Cuprum) Tongue Cleaner


Black Chicken Remedies Copper (Cuprum) Tongue Cleaner

Tongue cleaning (scraping) is a well-known Ayurvedic self-care practice used to remove oral bacteria and debris found on the back of the tongue that appears as a coating. The back of the tongue has little movement and is more oxygen deprived, resulting in bacteria buildup.

Scraping the tongue daily reduces the production of bacteria in the mouth and ensures it won’t be reabsorbed back into the body where it is an added burden to your immune system. Tongue scraping also stimulates your taste buds and they’ll work more effectively because they won’t be weighed down by the coating of bacteria.

100% copper.


Scrape first thing in the morning.

Relax the tongue and use scraper to scrape from the back of the tongue to front. Reach as far back as you feel comfortable.
Repeat 5 times, rinsing the scraper in between oil pull with Oral Swishing Oil, brush and floss at least once a day (in the morning), twice a day recommended.


Always read the label & use only as directed.


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