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Eko Health Alkaline Filter Sticks x 2 + BPA Free Jug 1L

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Eko Health Alkaline Filter Sticks

Eko Health’s alkaline filter stick will make up to 2000 litres of ionic alkaline water (lasts 12 months or longer) for less than 3 cents/litre as well as filtering out chlorine and harmful minerals and chemicals for healthier better tasting water.

Today’s food and drink are largely acid forming. Acid builds up in the system and can be the fore runner to many conditions. As the system becomes more acidic the body gets out of balance and cannot function at optimum levels. It is important to introduce alkalinity to the body and the simplest way is to drink alkaline water. Once acid levels are reduced the body starts to rebalance and function better. You feel better and look better.

Scalar Energy Charged
The filter stick works to charge every cell in the body with health promoting scalar waves. It helps to detox cells more effectively and allows nutrients to work more efficiently at the cellular level. It also helps increase over all energy.

Creates A Negative ORP
ORP means Oxidation Reduction Potential. A negative ORP acts as a powerful antioxidant which removes free radicals. This helps to detoxify the body and increase energy levels while aiding the fight against condition.

Removes Chlorine
Anion ceramic balls and dechlorination balls within the filter stick removes and absorbs chlorine, heavy metals and impurities making the water cleaner, safer and better tasting.

Creates Ionic Micro-Clustered Water
Most water contains 14-15 water molecules per cluster. The alkaline filter stick water creates smaller clusters of water molecules which allows your cells to absorb the water much faster giving you better hydration detoxification and quicker delivery of nutrients at the cellular level.

The Alkaline Filter Stick will last for more than 2000 litres of water or until the chlorine taste comes back, at which time simply replace your Alkaline Filter Stick. No messy changing of filters simply replace the whole stick. Each stick will produce filtered alkaline water for less than 3 cents/litre.

The mini personal filter system is ideal to take with you anywhere in its own transparent tube.


Prepare And Use The Alkaline Filter Stick

  1. Take out of plastic tube, place in Eko bottle and half fill with tap, rain or filtered water.
  2. Shake vigorously for 30 secs to remove excess loose minerals.
  3. Dispose of water and repeat 2 more times.
  4. The stick is now ready for use.
  5. Fill the bottle with water shake again for 30 secs and wait 30 minutes before drinking.
  6. The water will now be alkaline with a negative ORP.
  7. Use this water for drinking, making coffee, tea and cooking vegetables.
  8. Refill your bottle when half the water has been drunk.
  9. One filter stick for up to 700mls of water

Recharge Your Alkaline Stick

  • Once a month dry out the alkaline stick. Ideally dry in the sun, or dry under a fan or just leave overnight.
  • There is no need to prepare stick again. Just place in full bottle of water, shake for 30 secs then wait for 30 minutes before drinking. This total drying out helps to recharge your Alkaline Filter Stick.

High pH In 30 Minutes
Once prepared the filter stick will need to be immersed in 700mls of water for 30 minutes in order to get a high pH reading. For containers greater than 700mls leave in longer or add extra filter sticks.


Always read the label & follow the directions for use. This food is not a sole source of nutrition and should be consumed in conjunction with a nutritious diet. Avoid this product if you are allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients.


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