Genesis Wellness Program Pack
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Genesis Wellness Program Pack

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Genesis Wellness Program Pack

A truly complete nutritional enhancement program containing all you need to replace vital nutrients that are likely missing from your diet: 14 probiotic strains along with prebiotics, living enzymes and vitamins potentiated through natural fermentation from 19 grains and wholefoods; Over 70 electrolytes (ionic minerals) completely balanced to your body's requirements, naturally harvested from the world's purest ocean reserves, enhanced with protective herbs.

This pack includes:

1x Vitaklenz Recharge 150g

1x Genesis Ionic Sea Minerals Supa Boost 150mL


Vitaklenz Recharge

Half to one teaspoon daily with food.
Contains up to 60 days supply at recommended dose.

Ionic Sea Minerals Supa Boost

Adults: 2ml - two or three times daily in juice or water
Children: - a few drops x 3 times daily in juice or water


Vitaklenz Recharge

Fermented wholefood (100%): Oats*, Spirulina*, Barley*, Rice Bran, Adzuki Beans*, Almonds*, Alfalfa Grass*, Barley Grass*, Oat Grass*, Pepitas*, Sunflower Kernels*, Turmeric, Chlorella*, Fresh Ginger*, Molasses*, Malt*, * Certified Organic.

Ionic Sea Minerals Supa Boost

Ocean derived sea minerals, Spanish thyme, Triticum extract, Nasturtium, Papaya fruit extract, Stevia, Sheep sorrell, Stinging Nettle

Free From

Vitaklenz Recharge

Milk products, lactose, animal products, preservatives, colours, flavours.

Ionic Sea Minerals Supa Boost

Yeast, milk derivatives, wheat or corn starch, colors or flavors, animal products.

No Added

Vitaklenz Recharge

Preservatives, artificial colours and artificial flavours
contains no animal products.

Ionic Sea Minerals Supa Boost

Preservatives, artificial colours and artificial flavours
Contains no animal products.


Vitaklenz Recharge

Store in a cool dark place.
Refrigerate after opening.

Ionic Sea Minerals Supa Boost

Do not take Sea Minerals undiluted.


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