Loving Earth Jilungin Dreaming Tea 30g
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Loving Earth Jilungin Dreaming Tea 30g

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Loving Earth Jilungin Dreaming Tea

Wild crafted Jilungin Dreaming Tea from the Kimberley in Western Australia. Harvested by the Nyul Nyul people, all profits from this product go to them.

Harvested by the Nyul Nyul people of Western Australia, this relaxing golden bush tea has a herby, earthy taste. Traditionally consumed at evening time, Jilungin Dreaming Tea has a relaxing effect and helps send you off to sleep. After a cup or two of this you're likely to sleep deeply...and have a few interesting dreams while you're at it! Bruno & Cynthia picking Jilungin Marion (the partner of Nyul Nyul tribal elder Bruno) told us that “Bruno’s grandmothers used to drink Jilungin. He remembers them boiling herbs and teas in Bailer Shells over the fire. These are very big shells found on the reefs in Nyul Nyul country. There are about 3 varieties of Jilungin and I picked the strongest small leaf variety. It works like a tonic on the body as it alkalizes the system, gives us energy during daylight and wonderful sleeps at night… For Loving Earth we harvest the long leaf variety which is a lovely golden colour. There has been some results for people who suffer from sleeplessness and migraine headaches. We sun-dry the tea on our roof in big bags, it’s a wooden platform which is also our viewing deck for star-gazing at night. It is oil based and doesn't lose potency in the drying process. We put stem & bark into the mix so that people experience all the plant’s properties. We find the more we drink it the more we love it and it can be reused over and over at least up to 8 times. We put about 2 grams to a cup or 5 grams to a pot and keep refilling it. It is a Terminalia, same as the Gubinge tree and only grows in the top end of Australia. It has the same flowers as the Gubinge but bears a small flat seed without any edible fruit.” All profits from this product go to the Nyul Nyul, who are the custodians of the land where Jilungin grows: the beautiful Twin Lakes area of the Kimberley region.

  • Low GI
  • Vegan
  • Fair Trade


As a mild and refreshing tea, add a small handful (about 2 grams) of Jilungin per serving. Cover with freshly boiled water and make a first brew of 3 minutes. For your second brew, allow to steep for 5 minutes. Add sweetener as desired and double the strength when serving iced.


*Packed in Australia from local ingredients

Free From

Cane Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free


Always read the label & follow the directions for use. This food is not a sole source of nutrition and should be consumed in conjunction with a nutritious diet. Avoid this product if you are allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients.


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