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Pawsome Organics Pet DErt Control (External Use Flea & Tick Control) 200g

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Pawsome Organics Pet DErt Control (External Use Flea & Tick Control)

The ultimate natural pest repellent for your pets!

DErt Control™? is 100% safe for dogs and cats, horses and even rabbits but deadly to ticks, fleas, bed bugs and all sorts of other nasty parasites.

  • Certified Organic – Listed with Australian Certified Organic.
  • Made in Australia – Mined in QLD’s Mt Silvia mine.
  • The natural way of eliminating fleas and ticks on pets.
  • The diatom’s porous nature dehydrates the fleas, because of the diatom’s nature diatomaceous earth needs to be dry while it’s in contact with the fleas to be effective.

Diatomaceous Earth is completely natural and non-toxic – the safest way to rid your household of pests and keep your four-legged family members happy and healthy.

Non-toxic and pet friendly.


Brush this powder into your pet’s coat to get rid of ticks and fleas or sprinkle it over their food as a gentle deworming treatment.

Focus your efforts on your pet’s bedding and other areas they visit frequently. The more exposure the fleas have to DErt Control™? the faster you will see results.

Other good areas to target include the kennel, food bowls and any outdoor areas, that your pets spend a good amount of time in.


Keep in mind diatomaceous earth may dry out your dog’s skin.
If you have breathing problems like asthma you may want to use a dust mask while applying.
It’s recommended to treat your dog on a monthly basis as a preventative measure.


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