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Sandra Cabot Health Book - Fatty Liver You Can Reverse It

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Sandra Cabot Health Book - Fatty Liver You Can Reverse It

Fatty liver disease is the most common type of liver disease diagnosed in the world today. It is a trigger for obesity, cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

This book, Fatty Liver - You Can Reverse It, a bestselling book from Dr. Sandra Cabot and Dr. Thomas Eanelli.

The book Fatty Liver - You Can Reverse It is co-authored by Dr Eanelli MD who describes his battle with his own liver disease and food addiction in the chapter, Confessions of a Fat Man. His fight for survival took him on a journey, both physical and mental, to find his inner power and physical health.

Dr Eanelli shares his amazing personal journey from fatty liver, obesity and food addiction to find his personal power and new found interest in climbing mountains.

Inside this book you will also find a delicious eating plan, menus and recipes suitable for people of all ages including children.


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