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Sandra Cabot Health Book - Your Thyroid Problems Solved

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Sandra Cabot Health Your Thyroid Problems Solved

Is your thyroid gland making you sick?

Try Dr Cabot’s thyroid check list:

  • Are you always tired?
  • Do you struggle to lose weight?
  • Are you depressed?
  • Do you suffer with fluid retention and puffiness?
  • Do you often feel cold?
  • Is your memory & concentration poor?
  • Are your bowels sluggish?
  • Is your hair thinning, dull & lifeless?
  • Are your muscles weak & sluggish?

If you have several of these problems:

You could be suffering with a thyroid gland problem Thyroid disease is far more common than originally thought and thousands of people may be undiagnosed. This well researched and scientific book gives you holistic guidance to the management of thyroid conditions

In this book discover:

  • All of the blood tests you must have to check your thyroid function
  • Chemicals that impair the thyroid
  • The essential eating plan, foods & nutrients to improve thyroid disorders
  • What to do if you’re taking thyroid meds, but still feel unwell
  • What to do if you’re taking thyroid meds, but still can’t lose weight
  • How to fine tune thyroid meds
  • Why some people need two types of thyroid replacement
  • Natural thyroid hormone replacement
  • ...And much more !


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