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Sun Chlorella Wakasa Gold 1L Lemon

This supplement may not be right for you. Read the warnings before purchase.  Always read the label & follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, worsen or change unexpectedly, talk to your health professional.

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Sun Chlorella Wakasa Gold

Sun Chlorella Wakasa Gold is no ordinary health food elixir. Sun Chlorellas Wakasa is different. Rich in nucleic acids, both RNA and DNA, Wakasa is the purest extract from one of natures oldest and most fertile plants: chlorella. Not just any chlorella, Wakasa comes from a highly developed strain of algae containing a true nucleus. Its concentrated, so a small serving goes a long way! Wakasa is as pure as it looks.

It contains no additives, no sugar, no artificial sweetners, no caffeine, and no artificial coloring.It comes in two mouth-watering flavors, Apple-Lemon or Plum Extract with Honey. Taken regularly with Sun Chlorella A, this rich and sumptuous tonic can improve every regimen.

  • Rich in nucleic acids (RNA/DNA).
  • Purest extract from Sun Chlorella, feel the difference right away!
  • Highly concentrated; a small serving goes a long way!
  • No additives - no sugar, no artificial sweetner, no caffeine, and no coloring.
  • Contains a variety of minerals such as iron, iodine, and zinc
  • Recommended Daily Use


Shake well before each use

Settling of liquids is common.

Pour each serving with the enclosed measuring cup.

Each line indicates 10ml.

The top line is 60ml.

The middle line is 30ml (our suggested daily serving of 1 fl. oz.)

Drink Chlorella Wakasa Gold as is - No dilution is necessary.

Store in a cool, dry place until opened.

After opening, reseal with the cap and refrigerate.


Concentrated Chlorella extract (C.G.F.), Pure water, Fructose, Dl-malic acid, Lemon essence


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