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Sunshine Fat-Less Slim Tea 25 Teabags

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Sunshine Fat-Less Slim Tea

Sunshine Super Strength Fat-Less Slim Tea surpasses all others on the market.

The benefits reported include:

        Weight management
        Cholesterol control
        High in anti-oxidants
        Increased energy
        Normalises metabolism
        Maintains healthy Triglyceride levels
        Better sleep

Functions: Weight management, Cholesterol and Triglyceride reduction, 3 tea bags a day.

The two main benefits over other slim teas in the market today are that our tea can be called "super strength" and yet does not upset your intestinal tract or cause diarrhoea (this has been proven to the satisfaction of the TGA). This gentle yet effective action means consumers can feel comfortable going about their normal business, going to work, spending time with their family etc, without fear of embarrassment.

Sunshine Australia has been able to overcome the trouble of most other slimming teas in the market place. Our tea is superior in both taste and quality. The tea has a non-artificial, mild refreshing taste and is pleasant to drink with no overpowering herbal flavour. It has undergone sophisticated technical refining to be palatable for even the most sensitive palate, and can be drunk with ease in everyday life. It does not taste like therapeutic, although it has many of the same benefits.

Our TGA approval status also means consumers looking for natural ways to improve health, lower cholesterol and assist weight management can purchase our products with confidence.

When compared with other slimming teas, Super Strength Fat-less Slim Tea has a range of important differences which account for its remarkable results in weight management and improved health.

Super Strength Fat-Less Slim Tea is made from Camellia Sinensis together with 6 naturally edible plants by a process of essences extraction and concentration. It contains active fat reducing ingredients. The plants used are widely known for the capacity to aid in weight management and to help normalise lipids.

Some important features of our Super Strength Fat-Less Slim Tea include:

   1. A scientific blend: Super Strength Fat-Less Slim Tea is composed of a scientific blend of selected ingredients which stimulate   a reduction of fat levels and help regulate both Cholesterol and Triglycerides.
   2. Highly concentrated ingredients: The extraction and concentrate process employed in the production of Super Strength Fat-Less Slim Tea ensures that our product is unique in the market place.
   3. High standards of quality control: The highest standards of quality control has been applied in the manufacturing process. Super Strength Fat-Less Slim Tea is manufactured in TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) licensed GMP facilities and strictly tested to monitor its high quality. GMP Therapeutic is currently the only contract manufacturer who has TGA licensed facilities in both Australia and New Zealand.
   4. A pleasing taste: A consistently palatable product is ensured through stringent quality control and ongoing product testing.
   5. All natural: Super Strength Fat-Less Slim Tea is made from natural ingredients and does not contain any preservatives,          artificial colours or flavours.
   6. Comfortable gut feeling: Over long or short periods of time you will experience a comfortable gut feeling without side affects.
   7. Traditional secret: Many ingredients in Super Strength Fat-Less Slim Tea have been traditionally used with a long history.

Always read the label & use only as directed.
If symptoms persist, see your practitioner.
Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet. 


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